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Pure Kailash

Introduction from our Founder

My Dream

When I first dreamt of the idea – Pure Kailash – it was to create something far more than just a business. Named after the sacred peak Mount Kailash. My aim was to create a mission, whereby Tibet directly benefits with every success my business has each step of the way. I call it responsible business with the Spirit of Tibet in mind at all times.


The country of Tibet is one of the most untouched, serene places on our planet. With some of the most awe inspiring diverse scenery. From mountains with the highest peaks right down to some of the flattest never-ending plains and scrub land you can imagine. For those of you with a passion for the ‘great outdoors’ Tibet has it all.

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The entire country from the capital Lhasa to the tiniest remote villages, is filled with remarkable people. They are so warm, kind and humble it touches your soul. Whenever you are in need, they will help you even though they have so little to offer. You visit Tibet as a mere tourist but leave deeply grounded and with realigned priorities.


Sadly Tibet is very poor and lacks many of the things we take for granted every single day in the western world.

Here are some of the startling statistics:

  • Up to 34% of the population live in ‘extreme poverty’ as defined by the UN in 1995.
  • Some of the poorest villagers live on only $100 the entire year.
  • Most of the population does not have access to Medical care i.e a GP or Hospital.
  • Being predominantly mountainous, it’s very hazardous in winter and avalanches/snow storms can often completely isolate entire communities.

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Simpy put – I feel it’s my duty to help these people.


Tibet and its people deserve to be supported and protected for generations to come. However the only way their future can be safe guarded is with constant inward investment. Reputable Charities play a key part in this. However every day people, like you and me, are the recipe for success. Our donations make it all happen and ensure Tibetan children have a future.

You visit Tibet as a mere tourist but leave deeply grounded and with realigned priorities.

The tibet foundation

Pure Kailash

Pure Kailash – the Spirit of Tibet – I source all my products from the region or closeby and ensure they are all handcrafted and made to a high quality. Working closely with The Tibet Foundation in London, Registered Charity: 292400. I donate 3$ for every single item sold which heads directly to those that need it most. Feeding, Housing and Educating the regions most vulnerable people.

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Our Shop

If you would like to help and support my vision for Tibet, simply browse my products. All of my items are less than $50 each, and I ship to 33 countries completely FREE of charge including Tracking. So why not just take a peek? You can join me by feeling the Spirit of Tibet and starting your journey to become Pure Kailash.

As they say in Tibetan, ཐུགས་རྗེ་ཆེ། – thank you and god bless.

Founder – Pure Kailash

For more interesting knowledge about Tibet, it’s customs, traditions and more please visit our Blog!

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